Organic company

Our produce ... All with 0 food miles

Straight from grower to consumer: Agriturismo la Rinaldina at Faenza, near Ravenna, forms part of a farm which grows organic fruit and vegetables both for sale and for use in the preparation of local dishes for the in-house restaurant. An opportunity to discover the authentic taste of healthy, genuine organically grown produce.

Agriturismo la Rinaldina is located on an organic farm which cultivates 2.5 ha of olives “nostrana di brisighella” variety and 0.10 ha of red and black currants. The farm has a large vegetable garden which guests can easily visit and which also has disabled access. The vegetable garden mainly contains local varieties such as shallots, moretto artichokes and herbs. The farm also produces and sells jams, fruit juices and extra virgin olive oil.


Organic growing methods

Our farm uses organic growing methods: organic farming exploits the soil’s natural fertility, supporting it with minimal processes, favouring the biodiversity of the crops grown and not using chemical fertilisers or pesticides or genetically modified organisms (gmos).

The main difference between organic and conventional farming is the level of chemicals introduced into the agrosystem: conventional farming uses large quantities of fertilisers and synthetic pesticides, but organic farming is based on respect for the agrosystemand the environment. Some pesticides are used, but they contain organic and natural substances instead of man-made chemicals.